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The entire short wedding speech should be written in a colourful manner that should not embarrass the groom. But then again, some marriages unfortunately fail after a few years or so. Here's an example. No matter how many topics you like to add in your speech it's important that you have to keep the entire speech as short as possible. “So, to my father and his bride, congratulations again and may your marriage be a lasting one this time around. My request, though, is for you to remember that marriage is not always peaches and cream. We're here to help you keep your marriage and to remind the both of you that your love for each other should be stronger than any trial or challenge that you will have to face along the way.” Role of the Groom's Parents The groom's parents are often fall at a loss when asked about the role they will be playing in Why Men Cheat the wedding of their beloved son. Comprehending through these guidelines is an opportunity that assists you in writing. Weddings are lifetime dreams of every woman.

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”And so, now, we would like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.